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Dowdell & Associates Ltd. was formerly the Asbestos and Occupational Health sector of Grayson Laboratories. In 1985 Grayson Laboratories had amalgamated with T. J. Sprott & Associates Ltd, a company that was originally started in the mid 1930’s by Len Spackman , one of the first privately operated industrial laboratories and consultancies in the country.

The laboratory back then concentrated on areas such as microbiology to back up the fast growing Dairy Industry, water analysis for Domestic and Regional Authorities and also gas analysis. Len Spackman was designated an expert in the area of War Gases and as such was engaged by the then Auckland Analyst to act in a consulting role during the Second World War should such weapons be used against the country during this period.

Some time after the war Dr. Jim Sprott who also worked for Len, took over the company and renamed it T.J. Sprott & Associates Ltd. During this period Dr. Sprott significantly expanded the company on many fronts, establishing laboratories to cover all facets of Industrial & Food Microbiology, Food & Water Chemistry, Development Chemistry, Chromotography, Metal Analyses (Gold), Wood Chip Laboratories and the area of Forensic Analysis. It was T.J. Sprott & Associates Ltd that formed the nucleus of the Analytical Defence for Arthur Alan Thomas (The Crew Murders, one of New Zealand’s most notorious cases).

Through the 60’s and 70’s environmental issues began to arise and as such the laboratories were involved in many controversial areas such as stream/river analyses for mining operations in various areas of the country. Also during this time Len who was still working for the company started performing Asbestos Analysis, one of the core areas of business of the current company.

The current company, Dowdell & Associates Ltd was formed in October 1995 after W. Grayson & Associates Ltd was taken over by Amdel, an Australian based company. The area of Occupational Health was not considered part of Amdel’s core business and as such offered it to Quenton Dowdell, one of Grayson’s former directors. Through its own long term established knowledge base and it’s many professional contacts, the company can call on a wide range of specialist knowledge and analytical equipment in dealing with Environmental and Occupational Health requirements.

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