Asbestos Fibre Monitoring and Assessments

Airborne Asbestos monitoring can be performed for variety of reasons.

Once it has been established that Asbestos exists in a commercial building, domestic premise or outdoor environment, there may be a requirement to determine the levels of Respirable Asbestos Airborne Fibre.

  1. Exposure Monitoring is conducted to establish workers asbestos exposure by wearing personal monitors with the sampling head placed within the individual workers breathing zone (30cm radius of the head).

  2. Control Monitoring is conducted using static monitor placements to indicate the effectiveness of process control techniques during Asbestos Abatement Programs. This normally includes the testing of the 'Decon' unit itself, both the clean and dirty sides of the chamber. It also covers areas outside the strip zone in order to confirm that the abatement process does not generate airborne fibre levels that exceed the maximum as outlined by the Department of Labour 'Guidelines for the Management and Removal of AsbestosĀ  - 2010.

  3. Final 'Clearance Monitoring' which is undertaken along with a 'Visual Inspection' to determine if stripped asbestos zones are essentially free of airborne asbestos fibre prior to handing them back. This is probably the most common form of monitoring conducted.

  4. Environmental Monitoring where there is a requirement to monitoring outdoor areas where there is a known source of asbestos ie; asbestos removal or dump sites, removal of fibrocement cladding from the exterior of buildings, transportation of contaminated materials from removal sites to final dump sites.

    This type of monitoring may include boundary monitors, personal monitoring, truck and digger cabs etc.

    Environmental monitoring is invariably performed using either PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopy), or SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy). Under certain circumstances both forms of testing are undertaken simultaneously.

As with the Asbestos Identification, this is one of the core areas of work that is performed at Dowdell & Associates Ltd. The company has been undertaking this form of assurance monitoring for more than 20 years.

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