Asbestos Surveys

Ever since the outset of performing asbestos analytical work, we have been involved with surveying buildings and structures for asbestos. This area of expertise was significantly enhanced with the introduction of the Health & Safety in Employment Act - 1992, which states as one of its fundamental requirements that all employers must determine the hazards within the workplace. Asbestos building materials certainly fell within this category and as such as the need for this service and our experience grew, so did the asbestos survey methodology evolve.

The current survey methodology we use is described in HSG 264, a document produced by the Health & Safety Executive in the UK. We have experienced surveyors who have performed countless surveys nationwide and overseas (two of our surveyors are qualified to perform survey work via the HSE in the UK).

An important part of all surveys where the ongoing management of asbestos is required is a hazard assessment via a Materials Assessment Algorithm (MAA) to aid in establishing relative risk and to better manage identified asbestos. This is an internationally used, transparent and robust form of asbestos hazard assessment.

All reporting is via dedicated asbestos survey software with a database that can be edited as items are addressed and/or the site is re-inspected. Reports include a tabulated asbestos register, recommendations, photographic records of all asbestos identified and CAD plans.

Many clients including large corporations and government departments have used our asbestos survey services throughout the country.

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