Dusts and Chemical Exposure Hazards

Dusts, Welding, Gases, Organic compounds, Chemical hazards

We provide expertise via exposure assessments of workplace hazards such as;


- Inhalable including heavy metal components (mercury, lead, etc)

- Diesel Particulate Matter (Diesel fume)
- Respirable including crystalline silica and Man Made Mineral Fibres (MMMF) analysis

Welding and soldering fume:

 - Including heavy metal analysis


- Carbon monoxide
- Carbon dioxide
- Hydrogen sulphide
- Nitrogen dioxide
- Sulphur dioxide
- Methane (LEL)
- Ozone

Organic compounds:

- Including VOC's, (solvents), Formaldehyde and Isocyanates


- Alkaline and Acid Gases


All assessments are performed in accordance with New Zealand and international standards Results are compared with both New Zealand Workplace Exposure Standards and guidelines and International standards where relevant.

We provide our clients with back up support including recommendations and suggestions to assist in the Elimination, Isolation and Minimization of Hazards at their sites.

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